Sela’s Song


"... Nina's voice is pure and refined and reminds me of the early days of Linda Ronstadt and Emmy Lou Harris. Her depth and range are exemplary - not just in musical sense, but also her ability to sing in multiple languages. Her American roots shine through, yet you also get a feel for her worldly journeys and experiences in this album... "

Nina Bradlin’s first album Sela’s Song introduced the American singer as an evocative interpreter of love songs that hurt so good. In addition to the never previously recorded poignant title track Sela’s Song, the album features smooth and silky renditions of treasured songs of love and longing by Jacques Brel, Stephen Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown and a jazz ballad that would prove to be directional: Cry Me a River. In her work with Canadian jazz pianist Eric Gilson on this first album, Nina developed a passion for jazz. The album was produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nina's music mentor, the legendary Michael Turtle (UK) at judgegaffney in Münchenstein.

Photos: Pablo Wünsch Blanco