Nina Bradlin 

Sunday, 31 October 2021, 5pm
Bethesda Konzerte
Gellertstrasse 144 Basel
Concert with Maia Wackernagel (piano)
Thomas Moeckel (trumpet)


“Broken Hearts”
Live at Parterre One in Basel
Nina Bradlin & Maia Wackernagel, piano

Recently, Nina Bradlin and Maia Wackernagel have performed as a duo and also in a trio formation with the renowned Swiss guitarist, trumpeter, flugelhornist, composer and arranger Thomas Moeckel.

Maia Wackernagel
has played the piano since she was six. After her classical piano education and master studies in Paris and Rome, she broadened her experience to jazz and free improvisation. Maia Wackernagel's musical activities include chamber music, solo performances, interpretations of contemporary music, filmmusic, artpop, hiphop and jazz. In 2018 she started playing with the African balafon player Ba Banga Nyeck; the two musicians merge African with classical European elements. She has performed various concerts at home and abroad and has produced several CDs.