Nina Bradlin—Singer, Songwriter

Slideshow photos: Pierre Pallez



"From melancholy to feisty with a touch of Marilyn Monroe..."

Nina Bradlin is a singer, songwriter, actor and director, from Detroit, Michigan and based in Basel, Switzerland. She was born into a musical family: Her mother played the bassoon, the organ and the piano and her brother is a blues bass guitarist. She was influenced by Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins und Linda Ronstadt. She released her fourth album "Home Again" in 2020 with a bombastic concert featuring the finest musicians at Parterre One in Basel, Switzerland. You can hear tracks from “Stardust," her homage to Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, and Leonard Cohen on Radio Swiss Jazz. Songs from her second album have been featured on Radio Swiss Pop ("Right Where You Are") and Radio SRF2 (“Dreams Grow on Solid Ground”) and Radio X in Basel ("Martha").  In January 2017, Nina performed to a standing-room-only audience at the Birdseye Jazz Club with her band of Basel’s finest jazz musicians. Her voice has been described as “silvery and clear, yet dramatic” or “sensitive, intense and sultry”. With her sensual voice, accompanied by a brilliant jazz quartet, Detroit native Nina Bradlin sings of love, desire and other passions.

Nina is also no stranger to the stage: In fact, it was her role in the rock n’ roll musical “Return to the Forbidden Planet” in 2006 that was the impetus for Nina’s foray off the stage and into Basel’s music scene. She has also performed in the musicals “Rent” and “Cafe Brel” and most recently in the highly acclaimed sold-out musical revue “Side by Side by Sondheim”. Nina can also be seen in the Swiss films “Oboleo”, “20 Regeln für Sylvie”, the upcoming film “Neutral,” and the short films “The Vault,” and “Digital Evidence”.