Nina Bradlin 

Nina Bradlin

Home Again
I'm home again
Here and there
And everywhere
Feels like home again.

Singer-Songwriter Nina Bradlin is “Home Again” with her fourth opus: her first singer-songwriter album since “Right Where You Are” (2013). For this new production,  Nina Bradlin teamed up once again with her music mentor, the British composer, producer, drummer and dancefloor music legend Michael James Turtle (”Michal Turtle”, Music From Memory) to create her second original album to date. 

With the delightfully multi-faceted songs of this new work, Nina’s voice and personal statement unify varying genres: “A New Day”, a collaboration with Berlin-based guitarist Gilbert Trefzger is an uplifting and catchy pop tune that sparks hope. The hauntingly melancholy “Broken Hearts” was written with the Swiss singer-songwriter and guitarist Levin Deger and is reminiscent of Aimee Mann or Portishead. “Uncle Harry was a Ladies Man”, an experimental blues track, is musical family reunion also featuring Nina Bradlin’s brother, Detroit bass man Jim Bradlin (Val Ventro & the Motor City 8). Funk meets jazz when the funky, heavy bass in “Parasite” follows the jazz ballad “Fall in Love”, both previewed at the Birdseye Jazz Club.

A very personal musical journey that started five years ago, before the recording of Nina’s jazz duo album “Stardust” (2015), “Home Again” culminated in a bombastic release concert with many special guests on February 6,  2020 at Parterre One in Basel, Switzerland.

Whether in her birthplace of Detroit, her new home Basel, Switzerland or anywhere else in the world, singer-songwriter Nina Bradlin is “Home Again”.

Artist ................Nina Bradlin
Producer ...........Michael James Turtle
Collaborators ...Michael James Turtle
                          Gilbert Trefzger
                          Levin Deger
                          Kieran Kennedy
Musicians..........Michael Turtle
                          Gilbert Trefzger
                          Levin Deger
                          Jim Bradlin
                         Yuri Storione
                          Dominik Schürmann
                         Claudio Bergamin
                         Lukas Wyss
                         George Ricci
                         Tiffany Butt
Medium .............Digital Album
Release .............2020
Language ..........English

Home Again (2020)

Stardust (2015)
Right Where You Are (2013)
Sela’s Song (2010)

Photo by Oliver Look