Nina Bradlin 

Home Again


Author ............Nina Bradlin
Co-Authors ...Michael Turtle
                       Gilbert Trefzger
Arranger........Christian Gutfleisch
Medium .........Album
Release .........2019
Language ......English

Love, loss, longing, all of these strong emotions move and shake us and yet we want to sprout roots, we want to feel at peace, at home. When I began writing these songs, I felt uprooted and lost. In the songwriting process for this album, I have found that I am at home again in my birthplace of Detroit and also in my new home, Basel.

The funky, quirky “Parasite” and the jazz ballad “Don’t Make Me Fall in Love Again” were written with the legendary Michael James Turtle (GB) and were previewed at the Birdseye Jazz Club in Basel in 2017 in arrangements by my bandleader Christian Gutfleisch (D).

“A New Day”, a collaboration with Berlin-based guitarist Gilbert Trefzger is an uplifting tune that I wrote  in my darkest hour so that I could find hope again. “Broken Hearts”, written with the Swiss singer-songwriter Levin, expresses intense pain and despair and a wish for a better world.

Nina Bradlin

(April 2018)

Photo by Oliver Look

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