Nina Bradlin 

Author ·······Nina Bradlin
Co-Authors ...Michael Turtle
              Gilbert Trefzger
Arranger......Christian Gutfleisch
Medium ·······Album
Release   ····2019
Language ·····English

Drink in the Stars


Sometimes it is best to take time with a project, to let it rest. I started my work on these songs  before I recorded “Stardust” in 2015. “A New Day” (a collaboration with guitarist Gilbert Trefzger)  is an uplifting tune that I wrote  in my darkest hour so that I could find hope again. I wrote the lyrics to “Broken Hearts” at the Unternehmen Mitte in Basel after filmmaker Gianni Horst encouraged me to write a “happy song”. I would say that I ended up with a song that expresses the intense pain and despair that I was feeling, but the hope for better times.
“Parasite” and “Don’t Make Me Fall in Love Again” (written with Michael Turtle) were previewed at the birdseye in 2017 in arrangements by Christian Gutfleisch.
More updates soon....
(April 2018)

Drink in the Stars (2019)
Stardust (2015)
Right Where You Are (2013)
Sela’s Song (2010)

Photo: Oliver Look